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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Salad anyone?


My first ever Cobb salad was in Indianapolis, Indiana while I was at a national conference for PAGE the association for gifted children. I was lucky enough to teach gifted classes for nine years. I was able to create my own curriculum and I consider those the best teaching years of my life.

So today I decided since I'm starting to feel a little better that this would be the day that I started eating better too. I made two huge Cobb salads for Don and I for lunch. On mine I used light Olive Garden dressing. I should have realized that I couldn't finish a huge dish of salad in one setting even if it was my complete lunch. And neither could Don. My mother once told me that when you are older you wouldn't be able to eat the way you once did.

So we saved half for dinner. That's ok.

Do any of you use Dashlane? It's an app or program that contains all your passwords and automatically fills them in for you so you don't have to. My sister Diane swears that it's so helpful so I downloaded it today on my phone. I also downloaded it on my computer and there is where the problems began. The program worked fine. But when I went to my yahoo email I had to sign in every single time. And then the bar with the reply, forward, delete, etc buttons was completely dulled out and wouldn't work. What good would that be? I tried all the suggestions first to make it work. I downloaded the latest version of Firefox. I eliminated all the cookies and history from the computer. But nothing worked. So after all that frustration and time I just uninstalled Dashlane and what do you know? My email was back to normal. Has anyone else had those problems?

Now I'm ready to settle down for the afternoon with a book to relax. Sometimes this techy world just does me in.



  1. I have a salad most days for lunch. I feels good to eat something you know is good for you too. I am not very techy myself. I try not to do too much more than I have too or else I run the risk of messing something up. But I do enjoy reading on my Kindle. :)

  2. Your salad looked delicious! I have never tried one of those password apps. I'm in Honolulu right now, and I'm at the nearby Apple store nearly every day. Trying to learn MORE! I'm glad that your computer is back to normal!


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