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Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to combat a snowy day


Brrr…it’s cold and the icicles are hanging from the little bit of sun we have had. It’s our last (I hope) blast of winter and I am more than ready to kiss it goodbye.

The snow is so deep that I couldn’t get the car up the driveway this morning. Our plow guy didn’t come yet so I had to use the shovel to make two tracks up the blacktop to get it to the garage.
IMG_6946But the beef stroganoff is simmering in the crock pot for dinner and the apple pie from pie day waits for dessert. IMG_6947
Time to snuggle in and enjoy. Hope that you are having a safe and warm day wherever you are.


  1. had some catching up to do here!
    i'll have a piece of that pie with a cup of black coffee please.
    WHAT??? there's no pie left???? AWWWW.

  2. Burrr! Your photos capture the essence of winter! But that stroganoff and pie look scrumptious and comforting, Peggy.


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