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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Union Tea Cafe

I love a tea room. I remember distinctly one blizzardy snowing dark afternoon when my sisters and I collapsed onto a fluffy cushion of a small couch tucked away inside a small tea house in Ligonier, Pennsylvania after and afternoon of being out in the weather skipping from one small gift store to the other. There was a coffee table made out of a root of a large tree and shined to perfection where we set down our warm teacups. As we sat there I didn't know the word hygge but it was exactly what we were experiencing at the time.

My sister Linda and I went to Richmond, Virginia to high tea at the fancy Jefferson Hotel where I felt it would have been more proper if I had worn hat and gloves. So elegant.

And once it was a little tea shop where we could go into the back room and choose hats, pearls, and boas to dress up in while we sipped our rhoobis.

So you can imagine how excited I was to find a tea room opening right in the next town. I checked it out a few weeks ago and it didn't disappoint.

It was small but perfect. The decor made me feel like there was a great effort made to give me the tea experience. On the wall was a board with so many teas listed that it was almost impossible to choose one.

There were small tables and glass chandeliers hanging above. I went to the counter and placed my order...French lemon ginger tea with a cranberry scone.

I was given a cute tea sign to place on my table and the tea would be brought to me later.

The tea arrived in a large ceramic pot of solid bllue along with instructions to let it seep for five minutes. A clear glass large cup the size of a small bowl with saucer allowed you to see the color of tea when poured and retain the heat. My scone was good and dry as scones are but accompanied by a small pot of clotted cream and another of jelly which were perfect for the occasion. Both the tea and the scone were delicious. As I lingered I watched the small shop get busier and busier as lunch time approached. The girl beside was lingering taking her time doing a crossword puzzle and enjoying her tea and lunch. The cafe offers many kinds of food including interesting sandwiches.

I loved everything about the experience and am longing to return.



  1. My mother had china sets that came with the formal 3 tier servers for high tea. I rarely drink tea myself, but I have gone to tea shops in the Victoria, BC area. One day I'll break down and pay the high price for high tea at the Empress! Loved this post about your visit to the tea shop!


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