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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring is coming?

It's that time of year. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Of course that means absolutely nothing here in Bradford. We have snow on the ground and a forecast for cold weather all week. It is testing our patience since we know other places have trees and flowers already in bloom. This would be an excellent time to do deep cleaning of closets and drawers. But without sun my ambition level is low.

Yesterday Don and I hunkered down and watched two good videos...Passengers and Solace. Don is in the middle of a winter jigsaw puzzle and I played around with some photo editing apps and got this result.



  1. I can't believe spring is here! We are having quite a rainy day, but I guess spring showers bring May flowers. I can't wait for more flowers. :)

  2. Love the photo, Peggy! We got home mid-day on March 23rd. We are now having our 4th snowstorm since we got home. Springtime in the Rockies always means snow/sun, snow/sun. Lots of moisture for the ground!


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