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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It wasn't a special day....until it was.


It started out just an ordinary day. I needed routine blood work so I went down to the local hospital. This is when I feel so lucky to live in a small town. I am only five minutes away from a great hospital and this morning I was almost the only one waiting for blood work. (The doctor's office called me in the afternoon and everything is fine). It was a much worse day today than yesterday with blowing snow and winds but it didn't stop me from meeting my friends for coffee. Afterwards was my last therapy session for my bursitis in my hips. It does feel a lot better but I don't feel it is completely healed. I will wait a few weeks, start my exercises and see how it goes.

And then I opened my mail package from my sister Linda and found these absolutely beautiful postcards to brighten my day. She is so thoughtful and knows me so well.

There were two with bunnies that had to be put out right away.

It made me really want to get out my Spring things so I ventured up in the attic. But after looking through a few bins in the freezing cold I decided to wait for a warmer day. It isn't Spring here yet.

Are you ready for Spring now?


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  1. These cards are darling! What a thoughtful sister you have, Peggy! I'm enjoying lots of warm sunshine and ocean air now, but I'll be ready for spring in Colorado when I get home.


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