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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Home again


My it's good to be home again. We have been gone ove two weeks visiting our family in Virginia and Tennessee. The first week we traveleded to Smith Mointain Lake to spend a week at my sister's lake house. All of her children and their families were there as well as my other sister. And at the end of the week my son, grandson and girlfriend came too. It was a crowd but the house is big and has four bathrooms so everything worked out great. We took turns providing the meals, sat in the hot tub, and played games and laughed and had a wonderful time.

Then we went to Knoxville and stayed with my son and his family. It's always fun to be silly with the little ones and more pictures will follow when I get to the big computer. But first there will be the usual unpacking, laundry, and putting things back in order.

Sadie was really happy to get out of the car after that twelve hour ride! And we were too.


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  1. It's good to go!

    But it's good, to come home!!!


    And that pic of Sadie, says it alllllllll!!!! :-)))))



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