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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

An Erie Trip

Yesterday I traveled to Erie to visit my friend Kay. She has been through a lot but is finally on the road to recovery. She was transferred from Pittsburgh to a specialty hospital in Erie. I was so excited when I got there and found out that the respiratory therapist was going to put in a device which would allow her to talk. Hearing her voice for the first time in a month was heartwarming. She is also off the ventilator now for 3 days and has a trach collar on which gives her oxygen. And I found out that today they are going to start her eating food. What a big step! I visited her for an hour and half in the morning, went to lunch and came back in the afternoon another hour and a half. We had such a good visit. I am hoping that soon she will be able to come home.

While I was in Erie I did a little shopping (of course). The two new green pillows and a pumpkin pillow look great on the couch and add a touch of color.


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