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Thursday, September 01, 2016

When does fall begin?

Hopefully sooner than later

Oh yes, it’s coming. Already school has started and I’m seeing pumpkins on the blogs that I read. Decorations with oranges and browns are making there way onto the web. I know officially it doesn’t come till the middle of September but when does it come for you? When do you know that you can put away all your summer things and begin to think about fall? 

  I took down my summer tablescape with all its shells and starfish. This year I am determined to be more organized so I put it all into a bin labeling everything carefully into their little bags and packing for breakage. I will be glad next summer to bring it out and have the tablescape all ready. Little by little I am putting away things.

  I love fall so I can’t wait to get out my fall bins. It is like Christmas for me when I open them and see all the pretties. I am the type who never does the exact same decorating year to year so each time I am challenged to create new vignettes. There is nothing I like better.


    But what about the outside? September is too early to put away all of the summer decorations. And the flowers will last a little longer too. I have a hard time disposing of flowers that are still blooming. Our frost does come early so by the end of September they will be dead anyway. But I like to enjoy them as long as possible. I think Labor Day is summer’s last hurrah. But we have a beautiful warm September. I never realized it when I was teaching. I was inside most of the days and never knew how lovely that month was.

  So when will I hang my fall foliage basket on the front door? Hmmm…So long Summer, hello Fall.♥ Can't wait for them long cold nights, sweater days, playing with leaves, the beautiful scenery of the leaves changing color, hot chocolate and spending it all with the ones you love(:!!


  1. oh peggy.
    I wish I could give you a hug!
    you are like a good little marine ... holding to the line.
    your ordeal with the wooden popsicle stick that treated don... or rather didn't treat don...
    I just yelled YAY! when you said no further appointments would happen. good for YOU!
    I'm just glad he has vision in his other eye. eye problems to me are the scariest thing there is.
    can you tell I'm catching up here?
    I LOVE the French look by the lion fountain. it's perfection.
    our fall last year was not until the last week in November. HOT right up until then.
    so not sure what to expect this year. are we turning into a land locked florida for pete's sake!??
    and bless our little sadie girl. I hurt for her AND you both. prayers for all of you. and love. xo♥

  2. I also love fall. I think it is my favorite season. I decorate for September rather than for fall. That way I can start to mix in only what is appropriate. I decorate my porch and gazebo for autumn and we enjoy the flowers that I haven't composted. Then October is different with the furniture put away and the cool weather. November is Thanksgiving. It helps me if I think of it this way.

  3. Oh, Peggy! You are such a delight! I have year round things, and no seasonal bins! But, now that I think of it, I was dynamite decorating my classroom ~ sort of forced into it by 20+ years of rotating classrooms 4X/school year. So I'm not hopeless; I'm just way out on one side of the bell curve, looking at you way out on the other side! Have a good one!


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