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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nothing like man power

I took advantage of both the boys being here on the weekend. They cut down another smaller dead maple tree from the back yard. They split the wood and piled it up for me too.


Another job was repairing a crack in the stamped concrete. When the kitchen was being remodeled we had to use the French doors to go in and out. Since it was January I was constantly shoveling till finally the ice build up was too hard to move. Then I used salt to melt it. I didn’t realize that salt and concrete do not mix. A huge crack developed. So the boys cut out the crack, used a special tool to excise the extra material from the center, colored the cement and filled up the crack. Even Don got in the act. This morning Ryan laughingly called me outside to look at the crack….there was a bear print in it! He had left the back gate open. Whoops.


  1. Love the bear footprint story. I love your boys. Matt will come in a few weeks to help us here.

  2. oh! i hope they left the bear print!!! :D

  3. How cool to have a bear print in your cement! I guess I wouldn't want to be walking around near your place at night! How wonderful your boys can hepl you, and how wonderful that they have all those necessary skills that Don taught them!


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