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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Crisp air

I woke to fog this morning. It was cool…not cool enough for a coat or sweater but cool as in refreshing. Even though September is a wonderfully warm month here in western Pennsylvania it begins and ends its days with coolness. We call it good sleeping weather.


I love when the pumpkins come out. Yes, there are still summer flowers blooming and I don’t have the heart to dump the pots yet. Let their blooms continue as long as they want. Soon we will have our first frost and they will be gone. But I couldn’t resist getting fall decorations out on the porch. IMG_6652

Our breezeway and courtyard look so nice since the boys did all the work on them.



  1. Glad you get some good sleeping weather! Happy first day of fall ♥


  2. sometime in the late night our temperature drops enough that I can open my bedroom windows.
    the best sleeping in the world. no A/C droning... just peace. and cool air. perfection to me.

  3. Glad to hear you have god sleeping weather, although it sounds like you've been having trouble sleeping. You create beauty that seems effortless, but I know it wasn't! Lovely fall decorations!


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