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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Notice anything new?


The living room has a whole new look...and it's not the fall decorations. I got new curtains for the fall and winter. My garden curtains will be retired until spring.

I've been fall decorating for two,days...which means I have too much stuff. So I filled one large box with things for a garage sale. I know I still have too much but what I have will now be organized. I love the change of seasons. And fall is my favorite.



  1. i always love black and white. it gives a punch.
    and it's always a touch of sophistication.
    and there is beloved little Sadie. looking out her window.
    i could just hug her. xo♥

  2. I also love the change of seasons and like you fall is my favorite. I love the window and the new curtains give a nice cozy feel for an upcoming time of year when we like a cozy feeling.

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  4. Blogger just disappeared my comment! Argh! Fall is my favorite season, too, Peggy ~ I'm not redecorating. I'm going for a change in scenery instead. Victoria, here I come! Your living room is lovely, and Don is lucky to have a decorating queen!


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