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Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Poor Sadie. We scheduled her ACL surgery for tomorrow but she ended up with a bad ear infection so she had to see the vet today. With her its one thing after another. She still will have surgery tomorrow so we are hoping for a positive result.

**more rain…..Sadie had blood work today pre surgery and tested positive for Lyme disease.


   This weekend my boys will be coming which means I have been cleaning the back bedroom which I was using for my art studio. But that’s a good thing because I am taking all my art supplies down to the basement to be organized at a later date. When I look at that bedroom I feel it is time for an update. It has been the same way for a long time now. I have changed and its time for the bedroom to change too. A good winter project, methinks.

    This time of year and Spring are the only two times that I can comfortably get up into my attic to organize. I am so determined to get everything in bins and labeled. I’ve never been an OCD kind of girl and now I have the urge to have everything in the attic neat and tidy. That will take a lot of doing. Which means letting things go. I am aiming to get central air conditioning next year. We need it. I have never experienced such a continuously hot summer. We have had days in the eighties but they are sandwiched in between cooler days. This summer it is constant. And it wears you out when you are hot.



  1. Letting things go to a new home where they will be loved and used is a kind of freedom. We have been letting go for a few years now. We have an antique Victrola records included. Sunday, a nice couple are coming to take it to their home. They are so excited and we are too. We always check with the children but they do not want a lot of this stuff.

    With the addition of a day bed in your back bedroom, the kind that has a trundle, your boys could be very comfortable when they come and you could still have your art center.

    I love those nice plastic totes. With my label machine I can make a list of the contents. I well remember those years when all I had was cardboard boxes that deteriorated.

  2. Each time I clean I get rid of more and more. We have a few old 78 thick records too. Are those the ones you are talking about. We need to let them go, but Don's theory is "out of sight, out of mind". He doesn't want to let things go, even things that he will never use again...like all his ice fishing rods. My kids don't want our stuff either. There will be a big house sale when we go. I do have a trundle bed in the back room and that does give me room for an art desk. But the room is so small that when the bed is out it doesn't leave room for anything else in there. I will keep striving to get more organized. My goal is to have everything in bins and labeled.

  3. Peggy, I love the quote with your header. I remind myself of that each morning when I wake up ~ After my first thought which is invariably "Oh thank you, God! I'm retired and I don't have to roar off to work!"

    I'm a Don! My big breakthrough this year was letting go of my massive National Geographic Magazine collection which I had been working on for decades.
    That was my Valentine's Day gift to my husband who hated my NGM's. It took a period of months and many tears to recycle them all, but I'm glad I did it. It took me about three years to let go of my school things. I've been slowly separating myself from stuff I don't need. I've found taking a picture of something helps. I've also found that I rarely, if ever, go back and look at the photo. I'm an odd mixture of packrat and OCD!

    Good luck with your projects, and have a wonderful time with your sons! They might be happy to pitch in, so they won't have to deal with it all later! That's what drives me ~ I don't want big messes left behind for others to deal with! On that cheery note, I'll end! Have a great weekend!


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