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Friday, September 09, 2016

Say goodbye to green


I know what’s coming…..grey days and white lawns. But I will enjoy each and every one of these waning warm days. I still have to sit under a fan or in an air conditioned room but I find more and more I am inside doing things instead of sitting on the swing and reading.

   Tonight we are going for a fish fry (by the way, is it only a northern thing to go out on a Friday night for fish?) at Sprague’s one of my favorite restaurants. I just started Weight Watchers so I will have to be so careful about what I am eating because my first weigh in will be on Saturday. If you haven’t ever tried WW or haven’t been there in a while their new app makes tracking the easiest ever. Now there are no excuses for not keeping track of what you eat. And we all know that is the route to success.


  Tomorrow my boys will be here and I am delighted. Ryan hasn’t been home in a few years and Chris has been so busy with his new house that he hasn’t been here often either. Can’t wait!


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  2. Hi, Peggy! Our green is going too. It was 50 ºF when I got up, and I've had to put on a sweater!! I think "fish fry" must be northeastern. I certainly remember the term from my Maritimes childhood.

    Good luck with WW! I've had success with their program; but, it was decades ago. My 24 Hours fitness trainer trainer Alex in Honolulu told me salty food can mess up a weigh-in by retaining water in your system. Mine had jumped unexpectedly until he discovered I had gone to a Japanese noodle restaurant the night before. It's great that you're working outside, because exercise is the other essential key to trimming pounds. Have a great day!


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