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Sunday, September 11, 2016

There are no accidents

Both of my boys are home and how I needed them. They wanted me to make a list of things to get done. This wasn’t on my list. IMG_6517

Overnight a storm knocked down a dead pine tree. It fell right over the fence and into the blueberry patch.
I am so thankful that the boys were here to take care of it. I don’t know what we would have done without them.


It was not an accident that they came up this week. I am so grateful.


  1. Wow! I'm glad no one was picking blueberries when that pine came down! It's a good thing that you boys were there, because hiring an arborist to remove a tree is costly. I hope that you and Don are having fun with you two sons! Enjoy!

  2. When my children are here they like a list of chores too. What would we do without our children. Speaking of dead pine trees we are having one taken down this week along with another almost dead tree beside our deck. Film at 11:00.

  3. oh peggy!
    i had missed three posts. just now catching up. i've had a busy week.
    first... i'm SO glad that kay is doing better. such encouraging news.
    then little sadie. poor darling. can you imagine how awful she's been feeling! i can't wait to hear how she does after surgery. the picture of her swimming is adorable in her tiny life jacket.
    and i love the new pillows. just the color jolt it needed there. so pretty!
    and chris and ryan visiting... making short shift of that tree! aren't strong young men wonderful!!! XOXO♥


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