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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Don Update

We got up at five thirty and traveled to Pittsburgh this morning to see an eye specialist. Have you ever met anyone who had the personality of a wooden popsicle stick? Well, I have now. The doctor walked into the room, put the folder on the desk, faced away from us and started to mumble. I asked him to talk louder (I couldn’t hear and I know Don couldn’t).  Well, after an eye exam and him reading the thick packet of test results that our dear Dr. Lang had prepared his conclusion was that…yes, it was a swollen optic nerve caused by a stroke. The nerve will go down all on its own and there is nothing you can do. He thinks the second loss of vision was a second stroke. Don probably won’t regain vision in that eye. And if he does he will never be able to read with that eye. That was That! No smile, no words of encouragement, no personality. Was he just having a bad day or is that how he is with all his patients…I wonder. He wants to see us back in 3 months for new pictures and tests.  Ain’t gonna happen. We will stick with our local optometrist who is excellent.

  Back home now and resting after being gone for nine and a half hours. This will be something that Don will have to adjust to. He can drive but driving with no vision on the right will make night driving, and expressway and heavy traffic driving unadvisable (so say I) . And he won’t be able to look through a scope to shoot a gun either. It’s hard for the man to take.  


  Thank you all for your well wishes.


  1. So sorry Peg and Don. You are both in our thoughts.

  2. I'm so sorry, Peggy! I'd dump that eye doctor in a heartbeat. And I'd get a second opinion! That eye doctor just wants to extract money from you in three months, after telling you there was nothing to be done. Possibly, just possibly, he is someone who has a hard time sharing a difficult diagnosis. But you are an astute judge of character, so he likely was a wooden popsicle stick! Aging is not an easy challenge, but if we're lucky, we get to age. My best friend ever died at 35! So I frequently remind myself that I'm lucky, I'm lucky. Sending you and Don a big hug ~ and a favorite scratch to my favorite Jack Russell!


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