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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

OMG....it's Tuesday


It's Tuesday night and Sadie and I are sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather that has blown in. As I sit on the swing with my iPad browsing through Facebook I realized that I forgot to blog yesterday and today. Ain't it funny how time slips away?

We are still waiting for a call from the eye specialist in Pittsburgh. Time moves slow when you want it to hurry.

Bees have invaded the hummingbird feeder and are quite contrary when I am out watering the flowers. So I got out the wasp spray and they scadaddled. Is that a word?

I had great news this weekend. My son Ryan from Tennessee has some vacation time and is coming up in September. The kids will be in school and Jenny is teaching but it will be great to see him. He said to make a list and he will help us get things done. Joy, joy!today I took some pots to a nursery and they will plant some Emerald Green Arborvitae in them. When they bring them back they will sit on each side of the lion fountain. I also got a boy holly. I have a girl and she needs a boy in order to have red berries. We had a boy several years ago but it seemed to be a favorite of the deer that bad winter and they ate it down to the roots..pricier you leaves and all. We will wrap this one in burlap in the fall.

It is so peaceful out here tonight. It's one of those evenings when all is calm. What a blessing.



  1. I'm glad that you are having a peaceful evening, Peggy! Sadie looks so relaxed ~ I hope that she's feeling better. How wonderful that Ryan can spend some time with you and help you tackle that To Do List! I hope that you hear back soon from the optometrist! I think waiting is hard to do. Sending you all a hug.

  2. peggy! i was noticing that Sadie's joints don't even look swollen anymore! is it true?
    is she walking better now?
    i LOVE your patio. i can just imagine it with the sound of the fountains splashing softly.
    no wonder she looks so relaxed. i'm glad ryan is coming to help with things. it will be lovely to see him
    without a crowd. even though you LOVE the crowd! LOLOL! ♥


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