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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Sisters on the move

As you could probably tell from my lack of blogging I have been on a whirlwind with my sisters all week. Having them here is so much fun and we were busy all the time. They said they had such a relaxing week but I feel that we were on the move. Here are just a few highlights.

  They arrived Thursday. Friday we went to Olean a nearby town to Cutco, a knife factory. If you buy a cutco product they are guaranteed for life. Linda brought 14 knives up for free sharpening.  I once  melted the handle on a bread knife and they replaced the knife for me. They are excellent products.

  Saturday was Buffalo and the Garden Walk. Monday and Tuesday we read, relaxed, ate and had a great time and also ate at the Beef and Barrell, a favorite spot for beef on weck (that’s kummel wick rolls) sandwiches. On Wednesday we all went to Pittsburgh to see my best friend Kay who is not doing well at all. She was transferred from Bradford to Erie and then to Pittsburgh. She is in very serious condition.

On Thursday we had the girls out for lunch. We love to fuss and the menu was: tuna, egg, and chicken salad on a lettuce leaf, fresh fruit salad, puff pastry cheesecakes, chocolate cake and zucchini bread.




Do you see the floating candle? I found the neatest thing in Hobby Lobby. It is a little floating glass container that you put a tea light in. That way you can use it over and over. IMG_6354
I also bought some starfish and sand dollars for the table.



AnIMG_6365d if that wasn’t busy enough we did a craft. We made leaves out of concrete. Actually it is very easy. I’ll put pictures and directions in the next post. the girls left early Friday morning. Things are so quiet now and I really miss them.


  1. I love every single thing, the food, the table scape, the project but I want those candle things.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Peggy. I hope that she is doing better now ~ sending you a big hug! I just got home after a wonderful ten days with my sisters and brother ~ I get the quiet and missing them, let me tell you! I actually miss my brother pulling my ponytail, which he did repeatedly. It was so humid (to this Coloradan) in Nova Scotia, that I almost always had my hair in a ponytail. I'm glad that you had such fun with your sisters!


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