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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thanks for sharing

   I have probably told you many times how much I appreciate other bloggers. This is especially true to those who are willing to share ideas freely. I have learned so much through taking free and paid courses. I am indebted this week to Kyle Schultz who is offering a free photos course. He calls his little lessons snacks. Today’s snack is how to blur the background without using aperture priority. 

1. If you have a zoom lens, zoom it all the way out.

2. Get as close to your subject as you can. The closer you are the more the background blur.

3. Choose a background that’s at least 5 big steps away from the subject. More is better.


I had always envied those photos on the web that had those dreamy blurry background. Before I had my Canon I achieved it through Photoshop by layering on a blur and then erasing it over the subject. But now I can use my camera to get that blurry background. Here are my practice shots from today.



  1. Just beautiful, Peggy, especially the statue of the little girl! It's inspiring how you are always been pushing yourself to learn and to experiment! I'm home for a few weeks after a wonderful time with my brother and sisters and all the family in Nova Scotia. I had the best time! I hope that your summer has been going well too!

  2. WOW!
    that is so GREAT! love the effect. and how simple. just a matter of zooming?
    love that he calls his lessons 'snacks!'


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