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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Musings





  1. catching up here on the ones i've missed lately.
    i thought of you and Sadie this morning. i was visiting at the 'life at golden pines' blog
    and one of their dogs can't get up. they're trying a new drug called Adequan. it's working!
    and one of the commenters said they had tried it and after the first injection her dog was back to her old self.
    maybe the drug you're using is like it. but thought i'd mention it anyway! like you say... whatever helps!
    and beloved don. oh peggy. he's such a sweetheart. and i know you're worried. do you still have gracie? hoping your friend is better now.
    I LOVE YOUR HAIR! bet that old boyfriend was sad he lost out!!!! you had to have been a living doll. you STILL ARE!!!!
    glad you had fun. after all the stresses lately you needed it! XOXO♥

    1. Ai will look into that new drug. We are also thinking about surgery on her knees and torn ACL. It's so hard to see her down like this. I had to take Gracie back to her dad. She needs to go to the vet because she was spitting up slime all day. I had enough stress to deal with. My friend is still fighting. They can't get her off the ventilator. Thanks for the compliment about my hair. The style is growing on me. Stay cool. Out there. Better weather should be coming soon. It was in the sixties this am and I loved it.


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