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Friday, August 12, 2016

Into each life some rain must fall


We had a rather stressful day yesterday. Don told me that he lost vision in his right eye from the center to the ceiling. I knew that this was an emergency and got him right into our excellent eye doctor. After many tests and dilations it was discovered that his optic nerve was swollen. He had to immediately have a blood test to rule out vascular issues. He went back today for a field of vision test (required by our insurance in order to have a CAT scan. ) Next will be a CAT scan to rule out something pressing against the optic nerve (like a tumor). The doctor was pretty sure that it wasn’t that but had to rule it out. The doctor told us that Don had a stroke in his eye. The blood didn’t flow correctly and that caused him to lose vision. There is a 50/50 chance he may regain his sight. It was a one time event and the damage is done. Now we are looking into the cause of that happening.

   This has cause a little more stress in my life when I am already stressed out about my best friend who is still hospitalized on a ventilator. She will be moved to a rehabilitation facility today. I am watching her Pomeranian for her while her husband is down there.

  When I was younger I think I didn’t realize how important heath issues were going to be when I aged. I am so blessed to be able to move around.





  1. Oh, Peggy! I'm so sorry that you are going through this stressful time, and I hope that Don gets his vision back fully. I'm sending prayers for Don and your friend! When we're young we take so much for granted ~ like health and good vision! Several of my best friends died young, so I always remind myself that I'm lucky to experience aging. Take care!

  2. waiting to hear about your beloved.
    i am putting off cataract surgery. eyesight is everything!
    and for your friend... only good thoughts!


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