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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Changes on the bank


Today the landscapers came to redo our area around the pond. The weeds had just overwhelmed me so I starting over. It looks so sparse now with very little plants. I have to have faith that they will grow and spread.



  1. It looks good Peg. I was over whelmed with my perennial border and had a landscaper come in June before our big family reunion and help me get control. I looked wonderful all summer although now the flowers know it is late, late August and everything is looking less than perfect. I have composted several containers and a couple more are going before the weekend.

  2. Your landscaping looks wonderful! It is hard to wait for the plants to grow and fill in, I guess gardening is another lesson in patience. :)
    It has taken longer than I wanted to to visit your blog and let you know that I was just visiting Pittsburgh. My daughter competed in the Archery competition that was in Somerset, PA. My husband and I stay in Pittsburgh and drove down to see her on the days she competed. We didn't do many touristy things, but we did enjoy our visit!

  3. you still have the lovely sound of the water! how i love that.
    and it looks so clean and tidy.
    it will be fun watching it grow and fill in... and NOT THINKING ...
    "oh my goodness i need to get at those weeds!" XO♥

  4. I think your pool area will look gorgeous when it grows in. It looks very orderly and under control right now ~ that waterfall is so pretty. You had a lovely shot of it a post or two back. Sending you a big hug!

  5. Oh Peggy, this is just beautiful! Our backyard is a wooded area and I would love to do something along these lines. Looks like you have your own little piece of paradise just out your door!


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