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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Class Reunion

Last night was the first night of Don’s 55th class reunion which was held at the Bradford Club in town. I had a haircut that afternoon and it was really, really short.
Friends of ours from out of town were coming but I was afraid that I wouldn’t know too many of Don’s classmates. IMG_1711

But I discovered that I really remembered quite a few. We sat at with a tableful of fantastic people…an old neighbor of mine, a former boyfriend, and friends of Don’s from high school.

My old boyfriend Cyril is on the left and our good friend Bob on the right. Cyril has a phenomenal memory and we reminisced about our old dates and fun times. My most vivid memory is when he let me drive his car (I wasn’t legal yet) up on an old back road. The road dead ended and you had to make a sharp left turn. Being a complete novice I didn’t know that and started to go straight down a dirt road. He grabbed the wheel and told me to put on the brakes pronto. So fun laughing and thinking about dating in high school. 

IMG_1712But I met Don and we broke up. Never been sorry for that decision.


There was a band playing oldies and we were singing along and playing name that tune. Dancing was even involved. What a great night and a fun time after the harrowing week we had been through.

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  1. It loks like you and Don had a wonderful time, Peggy! And obviously you made one hell of a great decision! Love the photos of you two! I was just down on the islands off Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, where I graduated from high school. I found out on this trip that my old boyfriend had had several strokes and was now in a nursing home in Freeport on Long Island (NS). That rocked me! My 50th high school graduation anniversary will be next year ~ don't know that there will be a reunion. There were 11 in my class and too many of them have already died from suicide, drug overdoses, and accidents. Life was never easy down on the islands. Thank you for sharing your photos of a happy time!


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