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Wednesday, August 17, 2016



One of my favorite summer flowers is the hydrangea. I often see gardens on the web which have mature hydrangeas blooming but I haven’t had much luck with the one that I bought. It is still very small in its second year and I don’t see any blooms on it at all. Maybe I should try fertilizer? I admit that gardening isn’t my forte. If I could afford it I would have a full time gardener who actually knows what to plant and where. My planting is hit and miss…mostly miss. These hydrangeas are faux unfortunately. They sit in my living room .IMG_5957IMG_5962


  1. Hydrangeas need light shade and sun. If your plants aren't doing well move them before they get bigger. I moved my Endless Summer, the blue ones, and in two years they are 3 times as high. Another easy hydrangea is Annabel. It has huge white pompoms and my new favorite is Strawberries and cream.

    I was at Chautauqua Bird, Tree and Garden Club. The speaker that day was the woman in charge of the plantings in the public spaces. A woman asked how they kept their hydrangeas blooming so well and year after year. The woman said, "Absolutely nothing. We just leave them alone."

  2. I love hydrangeas, Peggy! Especially the blue ones ~ their petals are lovely with a blue that calms my soul. Kudos to you for putting faux blossoms in your living room when you enjoy them so much!


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