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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another week in the eighties

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You have to live in Bradford to know that this is an unusually hot summer. The forecast for the week ahead is all in the eighties. In the normal summers we have some days in the eighties but mostly in the seventies which is a delightful summer temperature. There have been so many weeks in the eighties that I can’t count. Every time I go outside to do some gardening I get overwhelmed with the heat. I am in the process of cleaning up the gardens. Thank you Becky for your wonderful article on caring for summer flowers. Becky is a Master Gardener and writes for the Warren paper. Her gardens are gorgeous and she is my go to gal for all things plant related.

  Yesterday I trimmed the bushes out front with an electric trimmer. Even though I had the help of electricity this morning I awoke with a stiff neck from holding it and trimming. I was even so tired last night I was sleeping a little after nine. And I slept for ten hours…a record for me.

   I know I should be enjoying these last few weeks of summer. It was 54 this morning and so cool and cooler days will be ahead.


  1. oh dearest bean.
    now you know my quandary every summer. even with the A/C (and thank heaven for it!) i simply dread summer.
    when the rest of the world is relishing it... as you say IF it's a normal summer for you! even the 80's sound wonderful to me! i miss four seasons. we now have just summer and winter really. each summer just grows hotter here.
    our summer is seldom under the high 90's or 100. and the dew point is often over 70 percent! it's like a sauna.
    if i only had the courage to move somewhere! i would pick your beautiful bradford or my beloved upstate new york!
    i'm hoping this heat wave has been a one-off for you and not your new norm! if it's not you'll have to get central A/C!

  2. I don't like hot weather, especially if it's humid. You have my complete sympathy, Peggy. We had snow in highest Colorado today. Fall is definitely on its way. Take care! Love the new look of your blog!


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