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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A Little Messy

Are you a person who always has everything in its place? I'm not but I'm not a messy Marvin either. I live in a state of being surrounded with stacks of magazines and books, projects and decor that makes me happy. I love having a new magazine just waiting for me to pick it up and enjoy. I like having a stack of CDs ready to listen to great background music to suit my mood. I could never live in a modern sterile environment as I need visual stimulation and love to look at pretty things. It was fun to put my house together layer by layer and it will never stay the same. I am always adding and subtracting and as my life is constantly in flow so is my home.


Natural Materials Make a Home InvitingJUNE 05

Interior spaces that are too fussy make me uncomfortable. I think when you really live in a home, there needs to be a bit or disorder. A messy stack of books next to your reading chair. A cat asleep on the duvet at the bottom of your bed. A piece of furniture with a story to tell, like a chest with chipping paint or an ottoman upholstered in a worn old rug.

I love this quote from Nell Hill, a designer


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  1. My copy of your "O Magazine" just arrived yesterday. My home is designed around comfort, but I haven't changed it up too much ~ too much traveling. I live vicariously through you!


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