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Saturday, June 17, 2017

A new arbor for the garden


The arbor I ordered from Amazon came and Don put it together for me. It will sit at the top of the bank. I love it.

Yesterday my classmates came to play games. This group of giggle girls is so much fun. W head drinks outdoors but played inside in the air conditioning. I made strawberry yogurt pie which is an easy cool and delicious treat. Here is the recipe if you'd like something refreshing.

Mix together.....a tub of Cool Whip, two cartons of strawberry yogurt, and one cup of mashed, sweetened strawberries. Pour into a graham cracker pre made crust..I used a chocolate crust.. Freeze. Before serving pour some Hershey's syrup in a swirl on top yum!

U I set the table with paper goods from Tuesday Morning. I love that store and stock up on paper plates and napkins every time I am there.



  1. Oh My!! That is one cool arbor!! It's going to sit beautifully up on that bank! What will you plant to climb all over it? Those paper plates and napkins are bezutiful!

    1. Hi Linda, let me know if you receive this reply. Thanks for the comments. I am hoping to plant some lilies around at the top of the bank. I miss having you up for lunch. Love you gal!

  2. Dang it...should have proofread this before clicking it...😣

  3. I'm sorry, Peggy! The photo of Don contemplating putting that arbor together made me chuckle. I think you've led him on a merry chase through life! Your pie sounds delicious!


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