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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Are you ancient?


It!s a freaky thing. My body keeps changing as I age but in my mind I stay young. I can no longer do some of the things that came easy ten years ago and must rest between tasks. But my mind....I still feel thirty. Oh yes, I do have those senior moments of memory lapse but I have learned not to get upset when I forget. I don't even spend time searching my memory for that forgotten name any more. Either it will pop into my head later or not. In my mind I am that young vivacious girl who is unstoppable. I have learned a thing or two along the way and no longer get worried about things that I can't change. And I still have a passion for learning. I still love reading and art. My mind still feels young.



  1. My grandmother told me when she was over 90 that inside she was still seventeen inside. I can remember a time when the whole world looked old. Now everyone looks young! You will never be old, Peggy! You embrace life and are full of passion! Take care my friend!


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