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Friday, June 02, 2017

Playing with my camera

Yesterday was a fun day. I took my husband to Erie to celebrate his 75th birthday. He loves the Red Lobster so we went there for lunch. Then I took him to the jewelry store. A while back he outgrew his wedding ring and it got to tight so he took it off.  I thought it was time he started wearing it again. Afterwards I dropped him off at the casino so he could play while I shopped. (win-win). I didn’t buy a lot…a pool for Sadie to swim in for the summer, a hose holder, a clematis to replace the one that didn’t make it over the winter, a moist heating pad and a few small items. You know the story..a day late and a dollar short? That’s how I felt. I went into the Christmas Tree shoppe and on the way in I saw the perfect garden arch. I have been looking for just the right one for a few years now to go at the top of the path on the bank. This one was rounded at the top and had a diamond window in the lattice at the side. I loved it. I went in and asked about it and the clerk said I needed to bring in the tag as it was a display model. I figured I could shop around a bit and get it on the way back….WRONG! When I finished someone else had scooped it up. Boy was I mad! So since they only had one I went online and ordered it to be shipped to my house.

I’m out today in my yard playing around with lensbaby Velvet 56 again. I love the effects. These are all SOTC (straight out of the camera)



  1. I love watching you play with your camera, Peggy! I'm glad that you found the arch you wanted on line. Happy belated birthday to Don! sounds like you both enjoyed his day!

  2. Meant to be...it gave you more room in your van for more shopping fun!! The arch would have kept you from more room.😄.


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