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Friday, June 09, 2017

I did a little today

Don and I have been married for over 51 years so there hasn’t been many times that we have been apart. But I am alone for a little while this weekend while Don went down to Chris’ to help do some painting for him. I couldn’t go since I may have jury duty next week.

So I am alone. I’ve never really been alone since I went from my parent’s house to college with a roommate and straight to marriage. There have been times when Don has gone on fishing trips but I had the boys here with me. I’m not afraid of being alone, it’s just a funny feeling to have the house all by myself and not anyone to talk to.


So I did a little today. I went to coffee with my friends, made a stop at Walmart, planted a clematis that needed replacing, watered plants, cleaned out the lion fountain, deadheaded flowers, put Sadie in the tub for a swim, mopped the kitchen floor and even found time to read the Handmaiden’s Tale. I never lack things to do. IMG_7585


  1. Did a little??? You did a lot, Peggy!!! I've been alone quite a few times during my life, especially when I lived to Denver knowing no one. As a matter of fact, Terry is leaving tomorrow for a couple of nights. I'm going to have a writing binge while he is away. It always feels better when he returns, although I'm comfortable being on my own. I'm glad that you survived well. Besides you weren't completely alone ~ you had Sadie!

  2. You just can't sit down for a bit, can you!! Laughing...You certainly have the Wind Beneath Your Wings...Love and miss you💗


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