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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fantastic wonderful weekend


We are having such a great weekend at Chris' house. Ryan surprised me by coming up on Friday with his family. And my sister Linda was here too. The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed the pool.

Linda and I made spaghetti and meatballs for everyone Friday night. The girls were tired from the yard sale that they held. And Saturday night we all went to Longhorn steak house for dinner. Then Chris set up a large screen and speakers outdoors and we had an outdoor movie.

Dan also came over from Pittsburgh. He is leaving his dog Selma here for a week while he and Gretchen vacation in Mexico.




Of course Sadie loved swimming in the pool and was mad when I made her get out and rest. She would sit by the side of the pool and whine.

It is so much fun when we are all together.



  1. Peggy dear, I am mortified. I never noticed a "comment moderation" tab on my stat page before today. Just happened to see it and clicked on it out of curiosity and there were pages and pages of all your comments for several years--haven't gone further back than that. I read each one and hit publish. Others were there too, some from people I didn't even know. I am so embarrassed and feel so sad that I didn't know about this and missed seeing them all this time. What you must have thought of me?

    Please forgive me, will you? I am so glad you just enjoyed a delightful family time. One thing I loved so much about you was your enthusiasm for having fun with family.

    Now I must go back and see who next to apologize to, several people I've never "met" through blogging and who must wonder what my problem is?

    The woman with the red face,

  2. Look at how Sara is growing! And it was delightful to see that Sadie was having so much fun. I'm glad that you had a great time with your family!

  3. Time with Family is what makes your heart fill with Joy❤️


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