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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Three Quarters of a Century

What a fantastic weekend we had! On Saturday we went to Chris’ house in Carlise. Our first adventure was going to Foundry Days. This craft street fair only happens once a year in Boiling Springs, PA. Chris used to live in Boiling Springs right down the road from the lake and now only lives a few miles away. We drove over and parked at the high school so we could ride the shuttle over to the lake. I had gone to Foundry Days about ten years ago and my had it grown! There was one street with nothing but food tents. Then the other streets were filled with craft tents. And these were all fine arts—photography, artwork, hand thrown pottery, silver jewelry, metal work, clothing, and many others. Scott bought his grandfather a beautiful wooden pen that looked like a rifle. Leah got a handmade ring. I resisted and didn’t buy anything..not even food from the food trucks.
  Then Saturday night Chris treated us all to a meal at the Hibachi Grill.  If you have never seen this meal prepared right in front of your eyes complete with entertainment as it is cooked you have missed out. There was fire and fun and we had a great time. Dan and Gretchen came over from Pittsburgh. On Sunday we celebrated again when Chris grilled chicken kabob’s and we had cake and ice cream. Afterwards we all got on our old clothes and went out into his new garage for clean up. We were able to get one whole corner cleaned out and he moved some big cabinets into that space. They sorted things for the yard sale and threw away a lot. It was hard work followed by pizza for dinner. On Monday Don helped Chris with a plumbing problem and then we left for home. All in all it was a fantastic weekend with family. 11birthday 211bday411bday511dan and gretchen11birthday 1


  1. That photo of you and Don is a keeper! Just wonderful. I'm glad that you and your family had a productive weekend!

  2. There's nothing like...Family💗 ya'll are so BLESSED❤❤❤


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