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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The first day of summer


Here we are again. The very first day of summer. The summer solstice. The longest day of the year. The beginning of a few months of good weather, relaxing and fun. Our winters are long here and having three months of nice weather is so welcomed. I must remember to stop Pushing to get things done and take time to sit on the swing and read. And travel. Already July is filling up. We will be going to my sister's lake house for a weekend with all her and my family. Then both my sisters will be here for a week. Then my son and family will be visiting. I love to have company!


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  1. Your yard is so pretty, but I was really struck with your comment about Pushing to Get Things Done! I'm struggling with that same affliction! LOL I love the Summer Solstice, but I hate to see the days growing shorter. My July calendar is clogged too! wishing you some relaxation, Peggy!


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