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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whew! it's hot.


Summer has arrived and it is up to 85 degrees. That is hot enough to keep me inside and in the sunroom where we have a window air conditioner. But I did go out for a little while in order to try to set up Sadie's pool. I got her a large kiddie pool because she loves to swim and it is good exercise. And for a selfish reason it is hard to keep filling the bathtub and putting her in there. This pool is ten feet long and twenty two in Che's deep which will give her a lot of room to swim. We would like to put it up in the yard eventually but for now we want to try it out on the courtyard. We put a large tarp inside the pool to keep it from puncturing when Sadie swims. But we ran into a snag. Once it was almost full one side began to collapse and the water started to run out. It has been too hot this afternoon to fix the problem so we are inside listening to Jeff Sessions testimony. Later on this evening when it cools down we will see what we can do.



  1. That's a great idea!! Sadie will have a blast doing her thing!! Sessions...what a joke!

  2. I think that Sadie will have a blast once you work out the kinks in the pool. I've been listening to far too much news lately. And writing my senators and congressman. We do live in interesting times!


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