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Monday, September 25, 2017

Can it get any busier?

I love busy. I thrive on being active and doing things. I’m not the sit still at home kinda gal. I have to be careful because my ambitions can sometimes outdo my body. I love going to classes of interest and learning new things. I love being with people. Today was one of those days. I met my friends for coffee this morning, picked up a prescription, called the dentist for an appointment, had lunch, went to the Giggle Girls to play marbles, and tonight headed out for my first Tai Chi class from the university. Tomorrow we are taking Sadie to the vets in Buffalo (an hour and a half ride) to get blood work. The chemo medicine that she is taking has side effects so we want to make sure she is doing all right. The rest of the week is not as busy…art class on Thursday. Friday night some friends and I are going to see 9 to 5 from the Olean Community Theater. I love busy! Somewhere in there I need to find time to do some more painting. And practice the piano. I got two new piano books and just love them. It would be optimal if I could add six more hours to this day.

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  1. I could use six extra hours a day too, Peggy! I like busy, and I so get what you meant by your ambitions outdoing your body. At least you life is rich and full of fun!


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