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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sadie update

Our trip to the vet showed that Sadie is doing as well as she can.  She is tolerating the chemotherapy medicine well and the blood work showed no problems.  Even her thyroid mess are working well.  We will keep her on those to mess and try to cut her prednisone down to half a tablet every other day. I had to laugh when the vet called me back with her test results. He said when he saw me carrying her out to the car he knew she had the right parents. Then he suggested maybe I could get her a perambulator. Who talks like that anymore?  I told him I did have a stroller for her and did take her out for a walk in it often. She is not in pain and we will keep up her care as long as we can. 


  1. Sweet darling Sadie, how glad I am that you have the parents you have. Bless you, Peggy, for your love and care of her.

  2. Thanks for the update, Peggy! What a sweetie pie Sadie is ~ and fortunate to have you and Don!


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