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Friday, September 29, 2017


When I was in elementary school my mother gave me piano lessons from the lady who lived next door who was also my music teacher in school. Mrs. Ledden taught me the fundamentals but also made me play some more classical music which I was opposed to and found hard. After two years I rebelled enough that I was allowed to quit. But we kept the piano and I continued playing. I don't remember when I continued to buy the teaching books but I wanted to learn more and taught myself. After we moved into our current home my husband surprised me on Mother's Day by getting me a piano. I loved sitting down and playing. It was so relaxing for me. Over the years I've bought new music and these two books are some of the best I've ever played. The pieces are challenging and I enjoy sitting down at the piano. 

Have I ever told you the story of the piano lamp? This lamp has a very heavy vase but one night it tipped itself over. I'm not kidding. Don was sitting in the sunroom and heard a huge thunk.  He thought that a picture had fallen from the wall. I was in the bedroom and when I went in he told me about it and I looked around but found nothing out of place until I walked by the piano. The lamp was tipped over all the way so that the light part was laying on top of the closed keyboard. It is impossible that a heavy lamp like that just accidentally tipped itself over. You know I believe in spirits and have had a lot of unusual things go on in our house (wine opening itself, oven fan turning on by itself, hanging utensils rocking back and forth, books jumping off shelves, getting shoved in the arm, seeing a man walking by the back door, the computer turning itself on, the car radio coming on by itself...the list goes on. I do believe that the other side has communicated with us and the lamp tipping over was just another sign that those who have passed are around. These experiences are not all that unusual for us. I am a believer, are you?


  1. Whoa! Kind of freaky but "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..."

    Not sure whether I'm a believer in that or not but I do know that years ago when the kids were young and we rented a big house between owning homes, there was one bedroom that no one would sleep in because of bad dreams.

    Wine opening itself? Really?

  2. I've heard a lot of strange stories, even in my own family, but I haven't experienced the kinds of things you have, Peggy! The people I've known that have had such experiences are otherwise reliable sources, so I don't dismiss these phenomena. I just say that it hasn't happened to me.

  3. We need to talk. I have a few stories myself!

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