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Monday, June 23, 2014


Are you a good decision maker? Or does it take you a while to decide? We are in the process of deciding about a kitchen remodel and there are so many things to decide. Whatever I decide I will have to live with the rest of my life so I want it to be just right. And I am visual so I need to see it. I can't imagine a whole kitchen from a small sample. So that is why we went for an hours drive away to see some sample kitchens. I had made up my mind I liked the grain in cherry wood but there are variations and you can't be guaranteed consistency. So it would be taking a chance because you don't know what you will get. And looking at a kitchen in cherry at the builder' center made me realize that I didn't like those variations. Also cherry will darken over time. So I'm deciding on maple which also has a beautiful grain. If you have any advice I'd appreciate it.





  1. No advice. It is to be your kitchen. You will live with it. You want it to make you happy, every time you walk into it. sooooo.... My constant mantra....


    See how easy it was? You wanted one wood. You saw it. You didn't want it.

    Just keep looking, till something jumps out at you and says; "I'm it!!!"

    And enjoy the search!!!!!!! Don't let the search itself, get you down or depressed. Picking out is fun!!!! Remember that!!! :-)


  2. is your style of living formal? or creatively artistic and quirky? homey? exotic? eclectic?
    when you dream of living somewhere in a fantasy... is it an english cottage or a manor house? that has a lot to do with it.
    i've always actually gone more to how something makes me feel rather than how exactly the wood might appear...
    if the overall mood has what i would want... that's what i would go with.
    tessa' advice is good! especially when decisions involve lots and lots of money! good luck!
    i've seen so many unique and wonderful kitchens on the web. i would just google images of kitchens and see what appears!
    the way we used to look at home magazines... only free!

  3. I hate making decisions! It takes me a while because I want to look at each possibility to make sure I get it right. I think Tessa and Tammy are right, go with your gut. Look at tons of kitchens and choose the parts you like, creating your own unique space. Good Luck! Oh... and save room on the wall for a sunflower picture. :)

  4. Oh yes, Michelle I can't wait to put up that picture. I just have to wait to see what size I want and how I want it matted. For those of you who don't know, Michelle is a superb photographer. I fell in love with her sunflower picture.

  5. Thank you all for the support. I know how I want the kitchen to look. I have a style...kinda traditional, elegant and comfortable. It will get there!


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