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Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to spend a summer day

How to spend a summer day by Sadie Karrasch

I thought my mommy was sleeping in way too long for. Sunday morning so I got out of bed first. She keeps the door closed so that Top Gun won't come in and wake her but it also interferes with me getting out. So I whine softly and bang the side of the bed with my paws. I know this wakes her up. Yep, there she goes. She lets me out first thing which is a good thing because I thought I heard a chipmunk chirp.

Yep, there had to be one right in the flower bed recently. I could smell it. Delima! Should I dig up the flower bed or not? I know I was scolded for it just a week ago. Hmmm. I think I .......what? I heard another chipmunk over there. Back to this later.

After running around the back yard hunting down squirrels I'm ready for breakfast. She's never at the door when I want to come in. I'll just scratch and scratch till she comes.

I have to guard my dish. I wouldn't want the cat coming over here....


Now it's time for my walk. I always save up my poop. I know my mom doesn't enjoy picking up after me but I can't help it.


Now back home, crawl in bed with daddy and take a nap.


The rest of my day is spent in the usual activities...watching put the window for squirrels, listening for cars going by, or running around the back yard. Or laying in the sun.

By night I start tormenting my mom with the parade of toys. Even when she goes to bed I jump up and throw a tuggy toy at her. She does play with me for a while but she tires quickly.

So I settle down in daddy's lap for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is another day.





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