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Monday, June 30, 2014

Olmsted Manor

Today our Circle of Friends formerly Red Hats , visited the Olmstead Manor in nearby Ludlow, Pennsylvania.

Olmsted Manor Retreat Center is in the village of Ludlow, in northwestern Pennsylvania, surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest. The buildings that make up the retreat center include the original Olmsted estate and more recent facilities built to accommodate the needs of our guests.

The grounds of the retreat center consist of 300 total acres, 30 of which are developed land. The Manor House, Groves Lodge, and the Carriage House, are available for guest use, with Hickman Hall serving as a meeting and conference area.


This beautiful setting is used as a spiritual retreat and gathering place. We enjoyed a lovely lunch which included a large julienne salad, cinnamon muffins, ham and cheese croissants, homemade peanut butter and crackers, and a mousse dessert. Afterwards we had a tour of the premises. The large Tutor style home was so interesting.

The Manorhouse

The Manor is a Tudor style mansion with accommodations for 12 overnight guests. All of the bedrooms are furnished differently, and the house has an air of faded elegance. A spacious living room with a fireplace and grand piano is the perfect place for friends to join together in laughter and fellowship. The Manor also boasts an elegant dining room and a small kitchen for guests who prefer to prepare and serve their own food. The kitchen is furnished complete with a full-size refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and coffee maker. The manorhouse also contains an original two-lane bowling alley on the attic level.



  1. what a lovely group outing, for a summer day!!!!!!

    you gals must have so much fun. and that is super.


  2. gracious, they put a bowling alley in the attic level?!? yikes! imagine the noise, below in the rest of the house. -gigggggles-



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