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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lessons to learn

Don't you wish you would have learned some lessons sooner in life? Just think of all the pain you could have avoided. All the sleepless nights. All the guilt and regret that you've carried around. I guess we all have to go through a process of living. Some people however seem to understand these truths at a much earlier age. I wish I had. Here are things that I wish I'd known......

This too shall pass. No matter what time will go on and the way you are feeling at the moment will recede.

Everyone needs to live their own life and it doesn't have to be just like yours. I wish I'd learn to cherish individualism sooner.

Don't give unsolicited advice. Don't be the one who thinks you know better.

And the big one.....you can choose not to react blindly over something. You can choose to feel differently and put the bad feelings behind you.

What lessons do you wish you had learned earlier?





  1. OH-SO-MANY lessons...!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I guess I'll just be happy, that I did finallllllllly learn them! :-)


  2. I agree with Tessa! So many things!
    Love doesn't conquer all.
    You go through a learning curve when you start a new job ~ You don't have to know everything.
    Math is like riding a bike ~ Keep practicing, keep trying ~ You'll get there!
    You will forget ~ Write down all those stories your elders told you when they tell you!
    Good enough is just fine in most instances.

    I'm still learning! LOL!


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