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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lunch with the girls

  I love entertaining, especially now that the nice weather is here. While my sister Linda was here I wanted to have my friends out in the afternoon. We had planned to be outside and had drinks all ready on the table.
maryne's party 6.7 016maryne's party 6.7 027

maryne's party 6.7 022maryne's party 6.7 018
While we were waiting for the girls the sky began to get cloudy. Soon the wind kicked up and we knew that rain would be on the way soon.  So we went with Plan B and planned on being inside.
maryne's party 6.7 001
I love the new water bottle that I found at Walmart.
maryne's party 6.7 011

The lemonade was served in a glass pitcher with a stained glass pattern that was a wedding present.
maryne's party 6.7 008

I used the colorful napkins that I had purchased in Cuba when we went to see the medium on Wednesday.
maryne's party 6.7 006maryne's party 6.7 002maryne's party 6.7 003

It was a wonderful time..sitting and chatting. I served raspberry bars with a Waldorf salad. I am blessed to have such great friends.
maryne's party 6.7 028maryne's party 6.7 029

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