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Monday, July 08, 2013

Enjoy this summer day

After such heat and humidity today's short rain was so welcomed. The flowers enjoyed the soaking and I was relieved of watering duties for the day. Sadie is sitting out on a chair guarding her kingdom last night she was looking outside and barking. When I finally looked out I saw two black bears walking across the neighbor's lawn. I know we have roaming bears and have told many stories here on my blog of their frequent visits...walking through our courtyard and even swimming in our pond. After we put up the fence several years ago for Sadie they only broke through two times before they gave up and started walking around the other side of the garage. Just last week one knocked down the bird feeder. One of the bears I saw last night seemed exceptionally big.  When the kids were here Dan and Gretchen took Sean up into the woods at just about the same time of the evening.  I warned their parents about the bears and they just scoffed at me. Now I think they will believe me. I tried to get a picture but they were too far away by the time I got my ipad.  

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