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Thursday, July 11, 2013

To Do

Do you have a to do list?  Those little things that you write down so you can nudge yourself into completing them. Arm are small tasks and others big projects that take awhile. It seems there is always something on your to do list. I'm all for organization..goal setting and all that.  
 But it's summer...

Can't. You relax?

In our area summer is so brief. 

Do I want to spend every day working on some chore or another?

The answer would be NO. 

So here is my summer plan. 

DO the essentials and let the rest go.  There will be plenty of time later when we are stuck indoors. 

Now is the time to relax. 


  1. Oh Peggy, I don't know which of these I love the best but every one is advice I intend to follow! Thank you, Pam

  2. ABSOLUTELY!!!! That's what I do daily, relax and enjoy the way my mind, body, and soul feels from just relaxing :)


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