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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Lewistown Kitchen Tour

Now that I’m using my ipad so often I don’t get on my big computer. I discovered that I hadn’t downloaded the pictures from the kitchen tour yet. So without words..here are some of the things we saw on the tour. It was a great time!june picture 2013 033
june picture 2013 034june picture 2013 023june picture 2013 024 june picture 2013 021 june picture 2013 025 june picture 2013 026 june picture 2013 028 june picture 2013 032


  1. What an unusual color combination on that first table but perfectly lovely! It's great that they let people take pictures. The tour must have been so much fun!

  2. We were only allowed to take pictures on the outside. I wish I could have shown those beautiful indoor spaces!


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