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Friday, March 28, 2014

Do it now

Tick rock. Time is passing. You become more aware of that as you grow older. In the back of your mind you can feel the hours counting down and know that your time on Earth is finite. Have you done all you want to do?  
   There are those who live their lives vivaciously, full of energy and fun.  Then there are those content and spending their days peacefully, doing exactly what they want.  I try to find a balance. My content life is punctuated with bursts of activity and fun. I try to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. I like to travel but haven't been on a vacation in a Few years. I visit family...which I love but haven't really gone somewhere just for myself in a while. The road is calling. 

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  1. "If not now, when?" One of my favorite sayings! And Joseph Campbell's " Follow your bliss." Love what both those quotes, "say."

    And you are "saying" the same thing! Do now, what makes you happy. Life gives enough "bumps in the road." Make your own happiness, where/when you can. Time doesn't wait...

    I hope "the road calling," will prompt you to find some destinations.... And get to them!!!!

    Gentle hugs,


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