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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Will it ever end?

That was the headline in yesterday’s paper. We are not the only ones that are sick of the cold weather and snow. But we have had it since November and it is time for it to go away now.
   The forecast doesn’t look any brighter for the rest of the Spring. Below average temperatures are expected till June. Boo-hoo!!!
   Meanwhile, buck up, buckeroos. It will still be in the twenties for the rest of the week. When can I put away my winter coat?
   Here are a few pictures I took in Tennessee (just in case you’ve forgotten what a daffodil looks like)
tennessee pictures 3.14 180tennessee pictures 3.14 181
tennessee pictures 3.14 182tennessee pictures 3.14 183


  1. The twenties? For the rest of the week? OMG ~ Peggy! Poor you, and everyone around you! Love the daffodils! Stay warm!

  2. -chuckle- "Pretty Blog Land" is getting very, very, very tired of the cold/snow of winter! Very!!!!!! That old saying, I guess supposedly by Queen Bess.... "We are not amused." certainly fits.


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