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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New do

.What do you think?

Straight and dark?

Or light and curly?

Got a new hairdo yesterday. I've been wearing it straight for a while and needed a spring change. I decided to lighten it up. 

As you can see my hair is fine and sparse. It's not easy to work with in fact I have a hair war almost every day. But it's me and I've learned to accept it..well, with a little perm and coloring..LOL.   We all have things about ourselves that we think could be improved upon. I inherited fine thin hair. Wigs, anyone?


  1. I LOVE IT !!!!
    it's you.
    and i think you even look younger.
    i know people always say that. but YOU do! xo

  2. I love it!!!!!!!!! Your soft perm is super. And softer color too.

    And I understand straight and sparse! Never had thick hair, but it was ok. But as I age, it gets less and less and less.

    I don't know much about color because I let mine go it's merry way. Haven't always liked it, going gray. But by now, it's not so bad. -grin- And so much easier. No worry about roots.

    As you can see, I'm stuck on EASY hair, now.

    Something new, is super, isn't it??????????? I'm getting new, black, round eye glasses frames, and I'm sure I'll feel super about them.... Like you feel super about your new "do"!!!!! :-)))))



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