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Sunday, October 11, 2015


congress street 052
One sunny day Sadie and I took a walk down Congress Street in Bradford. I took my camera with me so that I could share some of the amazing architecture on that street. Bradford was once a very wealthy oil town and these homes reflect the affluence. congress street 002

The detail on these homes reflects many different styles. When I taught the gifted students I did a unit on architecture and we studied all the various types and the students learned to recognize and name the styles. As a culminating activity we took a field trip with our sketch books (today I suppose it would be cell phones) as they captured what they observed. congress street 027
Each home has a history to go along with it. One home belonged to Harry Emery who was famous in our town and there was a huge wedding reception there for his daughter. I’m not sure which one it was now. congress street 029

The details on the fronts of these homes is so unique. I would love to see the insides. congress street 031
congress street 048

It is a beautiful street and reminds me of how building a house was an art at that time.
congress street 018

I hope you enjoyed our little tour.  

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  1. oh that was a treat!
    i LOVE old houses.
    and the workmanship from those eras is simply amazing.
    never could happen today i suspect.
    maybe people wouldn't even want it. it is very ornate. but so beautifully done!
    have i had to do some catching up here!!! where have i been anyway? :)


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