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Monday, October 12, 2015

Enjoy it while you can

It is going to be another wonderful fall day with plenty of sunshine. Enjoy is because the forecast this coming weekend will be very cold with possible snow showers. 


  1. oh BLESS YOU!
    our 90 degree heat is too late and your possible snow is too soon!

  2. Oh no!!!!!! lol....

    Only good thing about that, is it is fireplace weather. :-)


  3. Hi Peggy! All of your fall touches are lovely. I've been reading through your last few posts, and I can hear that Tick Tock! I will probably never have enough time to do all I want. At least I'm never bored! I cracked up at your reading glasses cartoon post. I have reading glasses stashed around the house and magnifying glasses. I'm always looking for my glasses, so you've got a friend who understands! I enjoyed your walking tour of Congress Street with all the lovely old houses. You would love Victoria, because there are amazing buildings and homes everywhere. I always love the autumn leaves, and I'm often photographing them in water too! Have a great week, my friend!


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