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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

What makes you sing?

I don’t know what I like best…art or photography…or is there a difference? Both allow me to express myself. I am more confident with a camera because the stage is set for me and I can enhance it any way I choose with good results. With art I am more timid. Because it comes from my soul it is harder. My inner critic demands perfection. I am learning to let go of my expectations and just do art for the sake of enjoyment. Now I need to make more time for it and not let it get pushed out by other demands. kkclass day one my creative story

little camera.3.12 007

ordinary day 9.21.12 016

a beginner

peg and camera words

There was a time that I would have never put a photo of myself on my blog. (I am my worst critic, remember?) But I have learned to let go of judgment now. I am who I am .



  1. Oh! Oh! Oh!!! Those sparkles on your last photo!!!! Oh how do you do that??????????

    -sigh- I know. Some photo editing program, which I can not get on my Mac. I know. I know. It's always the same. -moan-pout-sob-

    I adore sparkles, added to a photo!!!!!!! Adore them. And always *jealous* of those bloggers, who can do this. Cielo does it all the time, and I love her sparkled up pics.

    Ooops, totally off topic, on this post. You are doing a thought provoking post, and I got side-tracked by the sparkles. ,-) Sorry...

    As you can see, from no self-pics in my posts, that I have a long way to go, to be able to fully accept myself. To be able to put my everyday self out there, on the world wide net. -sigh- But... Maybe some day... Maybe some day I will conquer this phobia. Silly me, I know.

    Hooray for you! You do put your pretty self, out there, on the world wide net!!!!!!!

    Hooray hugs,

  2. i had always done some form of art in my life for years.
    i used to do portraits of children in pencil... on commission. i loved capturing their eyes and expressions.
    the last one i drew was of myself at 3 years old. it was a gift to my mother on mother's day.
    the year i visited her in new york. the next year she was gone. i kept the picture. it's very good. but it makes me sad to see it.
    i just kind of quit doing anything like that after she died.
    painting... drawing... i don't know why. like in your note above... "a gradual lessening of doing art."
    now... of late... and interesting stirring is in my soul again. a hunger to create.
    i have bought some supplies and am getting the urge to 'dabble' again.
    going to start small. maybe some greeting cards... i don't know. we'll see.
    but i know just what you're talking about here!
    and i love the pictures of yourself.
    hooray hugs from me too!

  3. Loved this post, Peggy, and loved the photos of you! That's where I'm my harshest critic! I'm trying to get over it, but I'm not where I want to be yet! I have artists in my background, including my parents. In my required art class for my education degree, the professor kept telling me I had artistic talent; but I just haven't explored that side of me yet! One day soon, I hope! Regardless of not exploring my talent, I incorporated a lot of art into my teaching. Art feeds the soul, and a lot of what goes on in schools lately is souls! Hugs, my friend!


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